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‘Home Tweet Home’: Did The Simpsons Predict Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover in 2015?

American sitcom ‘The Simpsons’ has apparently indeed figured out how to dumbfound the watchers, by evidently foreseeing Elon Musk assuming control over web-based entertainment stage Twitter, some time before the occasion occurred. Musk himself shared a visual from one of the episodes, and with certainty expressed, “Simpson’s predicts I purchase Twitter S26E12.”

The visual was from an episode named “The Musk Who Tumbled to The Earth”. In the event that the episode name wasn’t sufficient, a scene from the episode shows Lisa Simpson, a person from the show, dealing with a perching space with the sign “Home Tweet Home”. As she takes care of the birds being killed by a bald eagle, “Musk” enters in a rocket transport and obliterates the hawk.

Later in a similar scene, Musk removes his space protective cap and distinguishes himself: “Hi, I’m Elon Musk.” Just before this, Homer Simpson requests that the family prepare itself as they “are going to meet a being with knowledge a long ways past our own.”

The bird enclosure name having “Tweet” isn’t it. It likewise looks present day with state of the art innovation that has drawn a few birds. In addition to this, only a couple of days prior, ‘The Simpsons’ maker Al Jean took to Twitter to share a clasp from a 2015 episode of the show highlighting Homer Simpson and an official mission sign perusing “Trump 2024.”

The Simpsons, which has been running beginning around 1989, is the longest running sitcom ever. The show has known to foresee a few essential mainstream society minutes like Donald Trump’s administration, Walt Disney and Fox’s consolidation, Woman Crazy’s Superbowl execution, and, surprisingly, the debut of Grid 4.


Amit Chauhan
Amit Chauhan
Amit is a passionate news writer with an extensive background in journalism. He has been writing for various media outlets for the past five years and has won several awards for his work. Amit is highly knowledgeable about current affairs, politics, and international news. He is also experienced in exploring complex social issues and presenting them in a concise, accurate, and engaging manner. He is driven by the desire to inform and educate people through his writing.
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