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‘Satyendra Jain Was Given Fruits That Violated Jail Rules’: Court Dismisses Plea Seeking Special Food Items

ADelhi court on Saturday excused a supplication by imprisoned AAP serve Satyendar Jain looking for course to Tihar authorities to give him unique food things as per his strict convictions. The court said that at first sight it appears to be that Jain was being given natural products by disregarding prison rules.

CNN-News18 got to a request duplicate denying an exceptional food demand by Jain which peruses, “Thus, this court at first sight trusts that the natural products/vegetables were being given without there being any request for DG Jail or any power, to the candidate disregarding the DPR 2018, by the staff of Tihar Prison no.7, where the candidate was stopped.”

The giving of foods grown from the ground to the candidate was disregarding Article 14 of the Constitution of India, it further peruses.

The court likewise noticed that jail authorities gave “exceptional treatment” to imprison no. 7. “I’m braced in my thinking by the way that DG (Jail) and around 26 authorities of Tihar Prison no.7 have been moved and Administrator, Prison No.7 has been suspended in the long stretch of November, 2022, according to subtleties outfitted on record in the affirmation of Authorization Directorate dated 21.11.2022, which at first sight shows that Tihar Prison authorities of prison no.7 were giving particular treatment to the candidate by giving leafy foods, being Pastor of Legislature of Delhi, disregarding DPR,” the court noted.

Extraordinary appointed authority Vikas Dhull excused the application taking note of the prison organization’s accommodation that no unique office is given to any detainee and Jain was permitted to benefit all offices under the law, as different prisoners. The application had additionally looked for heading from the jail authorities to promptly lead the clergyman’s clinical examination. It had claimed that Jain was not being given fundamental food and clinical offices inside the jail.

The prison organization, nonetheless, had gone against the application, saying Jain was permitted to benefit all offices under the law, as different detainees.

Jain was captured in a tax evasion case in view of a CBI FIR held up against him in 2017 under the Counteraction of Debasement Act. The court had on November 17 declined bail to Jain and two others for the situation. He is blamed for having laundered cash through four organizations supposedly connected to him.

(with inputs from PTI)

Amit Chauhan
Amit Chauhan
Amit is a passionate news writer with an extensive background in journalism. He has been writing for various media outlets for the past five years and has won several awards for his work. Amit is highly knowledgeable about current affairs, politics, and international news. He is also experienced in exploring complex social issues and presenting them in a concise, accurate, and engaging manner. He is driven by the desire to inform and educate people through his writing.
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