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This Pretty Italian Town will Pay You $30,000 to Move There

Towns across Italy have been hustling to send off sharp plans pointed toward baiting new occupants to resuscitate their fortunes as of late.

From frail homes selling for minimal in excess of a dollar, to prepared to-possess houses at knockdown costs, there’s been a furor of rivalry.

The pleasant town of Presicce in the bright locale of Puglia is the most recent to enter the game with a tempting proposition. Authorities say they will pay individuals as much as 30,000 euros (generally $30,000) to purchase an unfilled dwelling and take up residency.

Far and away superior, the houses available to be purchased as a feature of the arrangement are estimated from around 25,000 euros. Like other modest properties on special across Italy, they’ve been for quite some time deserted by their unique proprietors.

Also, if that wasn’t already enough, the area is amazing, encompassed by the idea of the Salento region in the impact point of Italy’s boot and near the powder sea shores and turquoise clear waters of St Nick Maria di Leuca.

Experts in Presicce trust the proposal of a money motivator will revive their eradicating town, where babies are less every year.

“There are many void homes in the authentic focus worked before 1991 which we might want to see alive again with new occupants,” neighborhood councilor Alfredo Palese tells CNN. “It is a pity seeing how our old regions loaded with history, superb design and craftsmanship are gradually discharging.”

The subtleties of the arrangement are at present being concluded, Palese adds, yet specialists are prepared to send off applications in impending weeks when data will be free on the municipal center site.

“We will present to 30,000 euros to individuals able to move here and get one of these neglected homes,” he says. “The complete financing will be parted in two: it will go halfway into purchasing an old home and somewhat into restyling it, if necessary.”


Palese says a 2019 consolidation with a contiguous local area to make the bigger town of Presicce-Acquarica has granted it with additional cash to guarantee the venture can go on into the indefinite future.

“After the consolidation, according to An italian regulation, our more extensive area will be honored with additional public assets, around a million euros each year for quite a long time forward, which we expect to contribute to revive the old locale,” says Palese.

Together, Presicce and Acquarica presently have nearly 9,000 occupants yet just 50% of the populace live in the more established piece of the local area.

The city center has proactively sent off different plans to draw more occupants, including tax reductions to set up new business exercises and child rewards for families with kids.

To fit the bill for the 30,000-euro impetus, purchasers should take up residency in Presicce and buy one of a determination of properties worked before 1991, which have been planned by specialists.

As indicated by Palese, house costs start at 500 euros for each square meter. Around 25,000 euros ought to be sufficient to get a 50-square-meter staying needing a few fixes.


Presicce follows its set of experiences to the medieval times, when settlements spread out around a Saracen post worked by priests who dug sepulchers and underground olive plants as sanctuaries for privateer strike survivors.

It acquired a standing as Puglia’s “city of green gold” for lavish olive forests that yield premium additional virgin olive oil, thriving during the Renaissance as a prosperous fiefdom likewise known for its fine wine, cheeses and steers exchange.

Numerous local people lived underground, digging surrenders to Presicce’s rough territory.

Underneath the primary piazzas and sumptuous Elaborate palazzos lies an organization of 23 mystery chambers and olive plants in which ranchers, known as trappettari, went through months during harvest season, squeezing olives in stone factories moved by jackasses.

Numerous verifiable structures have private admittance to underground loads where enormous plants actually stand. Directed visits through the underground city are a traveler feature.

In the old region, wide rich roads are bungled by winding limited back streets. Masterful finished gold-hued structures with fashioned iron overhangs and internal yards blend with straightforward white homes.

There are frescoed palazzos, sanctuaries and votive segments worked by the rich country bourgeoisie out of white-ruddy stone.

The vecchi curti (old patios) are ordinary homes situated in two beautiful neighborhoods of the old community called Corciuli and Padreterno with private nurseries, underground factories, citrus trees and extraordinary plants.

Presicce’s field offers the best of provincial Puglia with old singular arch formed stone houses of prayer, byzantine sepulchers, olive forests with monstrous bent tree trunks, purplish dry stone walls and invigorated masserie country ranches where worker families once resided under the assurance of strong rulers to get away from privateer assaults.

Celebrations AND FOOD

Traveling and trekking courses loosen up through rural view specked with sheep-eating fields and deserted stone posts. Salento’s perfect shoreline, running between the coastline areas of Gallipoli and St Nick Maria di Leuca, is not far off.

Notwithstanding the voyages through underground oil factories and celebrations with olive oil and food tastings, attractions incorporate a gallery of worker human progress, which grandstands objects from an earlier time.

There are yearly celebrations highlighting Salentina society music, moves, antique artworks and food fairs.

Presicce’s seared fish delights, connected to the clique of Holy person Andrew, are a gourmand strength, close by the famous high quality pastas, orecchiette and strascinate. Other nearby delights incorporate pittule raised pasta flapjacks loaded down with shrimps, cod, vegetables — or made alla pizzaiola, with olives, escapades and cherry tomatoes.

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Amit Chauhan
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